Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What To Do About Real Estate Newbies?

I believe the question is also, "What to do about real estate oldies?".
Fortunately, New York State has decided to raise the bar on new licensees by requiring them to complete more hours of school in order to become eligible to take the State licensing test. New York has also eliminated the rule that allows brokers licensed for more than 15 years to forgo continuing education for their license renewal every two years. These new rules start in 2008. Some might say that the horse is out of the barn already. I say better late than never.
As far as brokerages are concerned, now that the salmon are not jumping out of the rapids into the paws of agents and giving brokers their share of the earned commissions, they will HAVE to reduce operating costs by developing and enforcing performance standards. This will result in separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were, and getting rid of the dead weight.
Ahhhh...the circle of life. md
Inman Real Estate News - What do to about real estate newbies

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Jay Thompson said...

SOMEONE needs to raise the bar. In Arizona, it's WAY too easy to get a real estate sales license.

See my blog, "It's Past Time to Raise the Bar".