Friday, March 17, 2006

Little Evidence of MLS Here on the East End

There are a few brokerages (Prudential, C21 and a handful of smaller offices) that are members of the Long Island Board MLS however, probably less than 10% of East End exclusives are listed there. The main objection from local brokers against MLS is that they don't want "up-island" brokers having access to East End listings.

Brokers who are not members of MLS don't have their listings on, the largest and most frequently viewed website in the US for buyers looking for real estate. That's because does not recognize listings that don't meet industry-wide protocol standards of an MLS. It also means that other brokerages need to find out about new listings through the archaic system of broadcast faxes that Hamptons brokerages use to share listings and announce Broker Open Houses. Often, faxes don't come through, multiple offices fax the same information to multiple other offices and ... So, whose interest do exclusive brokers who are not on MLS have in mind?

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