Friday, March 24, 2006

The web is sure getting "stickey"

While the www is certainly helping us to conduct our business more efficiently and communicate with clients and customers, there are tons of websites out there fishing (or is that phishing)to get customers contact info just so they can sell them back to us.

Recently while clicking around on the Realty Times Market Conditions (TM) by "Local Real Estate Experts", it connected me to an agent who is in Florida but paid to be listed as the "Hampton" agent. I sent her an email asking her why she was listed as a Hamptons agent and she replyed "what's it to you? I get plenty of referrals from that site!" Well, isn't that special?

In a Yahoo search of "Hamptons Real Estate", one of the Sponsor Results was I was led down this long path and after requesting assistance with Sag Harbor real estate, I recieved an email stating that a Westhampton agent will be contacting me. No thanks. I'm sure he will refer me to another agent.

Another "Sponsor" took me to a website with palm trees and stucco - no Hamptons here, either.

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