Wednesday, April 12, 2006

RealNet Could Serve All East End Brokers, Agents and Clients and Customers

Nicholas Khuri and his wife Theresa, founders of, have launched their RealNet Listing System, a customizable back-office database tool for realtors that interfaces with the public site. HREO has served as the main portal for Hamptons Real Estate since 1995 and is the most widely used search site for real estate on the East End. In the last year, RealNet Solutions has signed up most of the major brokerages on the East End to its client list. Joining Allan Schneider Associates, which has been a long-term client, Brown Harris Stevens, Sotheby's and The Corcoran Group have all contracted for the program. And he's working with several other brokers at the moment. Agents almost universally think the program is great, and anyone who's worked out here knows it's a miracle to please agents with listing systems.

The neat thing about Real Net is that it could serve as an MLS-like tool for East End brokers. Khuri has the ability to allow brokers to share co-broke as well as broker open house info with each other electronically, which is a great improvement from the current fax-blast and email spamming techniques used by brokers for years (and outdated for years, too.) Changing the info on RealNet also instantly updates and feeds can be set up with broker stand-alone websites to update their info as well.

This technology is currently available and Principals of the client companies have been told of its availability, but no one can seem to get the group to agree on how to share the info. There is no forum for this conversation. HANFRA (Hamptons and North Fork Realtors Association) is an organization that is trying to find its legs again after falling apart in recent years (I am a member) and many of the RealNet clients are not members. LIBOR (Long Island Board of Realtors- I'm a member here, too) has very little representation and even if they did, they would want to push the Long Island MLS System and not RealNet. So, where does this discussion take place? Or do we continue to sit here in the dark ages?
Remember the question: What is best for our clients and customers?

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