Thursday, April 13, 2006

What's a few million?

So far, 2006 has been the year of the web-based home valuation uber-sites., and are three getting a lot of press, both national and in the real estate trade pubs. Granted, Zillow is still a "beta" sight, meaning that they are constantly tweaking and changing things based upon user feedback. I sent them some feedback suggesting they hold off their "zestimator" for the East End until they figure out how to value this non-traditional market. This is not a suburb where home values can easily be determined by neighboring sales. For instance, the Mediterranean stucco house bought by former DougEl Chairman Alan Rogers on Main St in Sag Harbor is "zestimated" at $1.98M even though, after a terrific reno by Bob Tortora, it is now in contract for reportedly close to its $3.2M asking price. A waterfront property in North Haven currently on the market for $3.495M comes up at $1.5M on Zillow. Check your own house and see what you get.


george simpson said...

The maps on Appraise@ software are 100% accurate on house locations. Allow accurate comps with use of up-to-date xfer data from Suffolk Research Service, Inc. Also pins and details on the maps. said...

Not happy with the Zestimates you get from Zillow? integrates nationwide real estate prices with the google mapping technology. If you don't see data for your area simply email with your zipcode and or address and the site will run an update with information for your area and email you within a few days once the update is complete.

Michael Daly said...

FYI The above Home Price Maps does NOT have any data for the East End.
Kind of a rude double insult to spam this blog and then not deliver. Shame on you!