Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taxes Are Being Questioned Everywhere

It's interesting that when property appreciations are flying high, less attention is paid to tax increases. But the minute things start to slow, folks come out in droves.

Recently, there was a near revolt here on the East End in Southampton Township when town assessors adjusted assessments as planned. Many owners (who remained quiet when they were under-assessed the first time around) blew their stacks when they received reassessment notices closer to their fair market value.
Over a thousand residents showed up and stood in the rain last week in Hampton Bays waiting for their grievance opportunity.

Another point worth noting; many of the spring votes for local school tax increases on the East End have been voted down by residents, leaving school districts in a pinch and in need of finding ways to reduce expenses.

The article below outlines the row over resident/non-resident property taxes in Florida. md

RealEstateJournal | Florida Snowbirds Question Fairness of Property Tax

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