Thursday, June 22, 2006

Commission Accomplished - New York Times

Theory is that these articles are written by either:
1- the few people left in the country whose family and friends don't rely on real estate sales for a main part of their income; or
2- resentful folks who have been priced out of the market they wish to live in because their income has not kept pace with real estate price appreciations.

It's a very responsible position, this journalism thing. You'd think that they would take it seriously!

Commission Accomplished - New York Times

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saltbox said...

Do you mean resentful folks like teachers, cops, firefighters, EMTs, nurses, and others who can no longer afford to live in the communities they work in? Or, do you mean the resentful grown children of working families that have lived in the Hamptons for generations who can no longer afford to buy even a starter home here?

Since both of these groups have been driven out as a consequence of the completely out of touch with reality "real estate price appreciation" as you so delicately put it, I guess they could be a tad resentful. Could they be cause of all the wailing, and gnashing of teeth coming from the poor, unappreciated good guys in the real estate business?