Thursday, August 24, 2006

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This is thanks to Verl Workman at RealBlogging
It brings to mind how much psycho-babble I have been reading lately. Blogs and the internet are great. Self-publishing and empowerment of everyone to speak his/her mind can be as cathartic as it is educational and enlightening.

The other side of the blade is when someone puts out intelligible gibberish that is misleading. We all know that we "can't believe everything we read". More and more often, as I continue to search for relevant, noteworthy information and news to share on this blog, I am running across press releases and pieces of "news" that are made out to be something they are not.

For example, the press release that stated that "XYZ Company specializes in giving consumers the knowledge they need to purchase real estate in a professional manner." So, I read this on a reputable website and dug a little deeper. Turns out this is a press release put out by this 20-year-old kid who just got his real estate license and is promoting his website to draw potential real estate customers so he can refer them to other agents and make referral fees. A junior interloper! So, why was this reputable website just copying and pasting this press release and posting it as "real news"? Don't know. I asked but did not get a response. Keep your eyes peeled, guys and gals! md

Corporate Gibberish Generator on

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