Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Ultimate Zillow Poll

Granted, Zillow has made inroads into more traditional markets and is much less known (or used) here on the East End, but I recently heard about one of "our finest", a real estate agent from an unnamed brokerage showing up for a listing appointment with a Zestimate as his/her research (where's Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?).

The folks at Sellsius Real Estate Blog are doing an incredible job at bringing the issues around Zillow to light. I am not a fundamentalist or protectionist of old-style real estate. I am pushing the leaders of our industry to evolve and become more progressive and provide what our clients and customers want and what we as real estate professionals need in order to make good real estate decisions for everyone. After all, a market based upon win-win results is a thriving market, so it is our charge to find that level in the market and bring parties together.

That being said, I am not supportive of the companies that are inserting themselves into the real estate equation under the guise of "providing better service" and sitting at our conferences like cheshire cats, trying to convince us realtors that we need them.

Fact is, the current leadership of the industry has fallen asleep at the wheel and allowed this to happen. The last five years have created some happy fat cats and the cheshires are moving in.

Take the poll - interesting results and discussion at this link. md

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael for your comments and help in spreading the poll.