Monday, October 09, 2006

Ahhhh, The Changing of the Light...Happy Columbus Day

The tweaking-down of the amount of sunlight we experience as we roll into fall is getting more obvious by the day. I remember when living in New England that this weekend was the height of the "leaf peaking season".

Here in the Hamptons, the leaves are just starting to turn, but the trajectory of the sun has changed noticeably. Just yesterday, the morning sun arrived at an angle where it shines through the window of my study at 7am, something I haven't seen in months.

As a boy, I would help my father take down the screens and put up the storm windows each Columbus Day weekend at our family home in Westhampton. When I was younger, my job was the screens. As I got older, my job became the much heavier storms. The windows were all different in this 1890's house, so each storm and screen had to be labeled (Den-L or Kit-W) and even then, the last storm window didn't fit the last empty window and we'd have to go through a game of swapping-out until we found the right match. Each fall, the quality of the sunlight changed, not only with the angle of the sun, but with the removal of the screens from the windows, just as it does today. AKIKO BUSCH writes a piece on that rite of passage for the NYTimes:
NYTimes - The Value of Transparency, Measured in Glass

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