Sunday, October 08, 2006


While it may be true that you "can't buy me love", witness truth to the fact that you can buy me agents!

These three pros all sell under the Corcoran name, and are there because their firms were acquired by NRT in recent years. While marginal agents in the market are moping about, spending time reading about the real estate bubble, these folks are too busy to break stride.

Diane Saatchi, formerly Principal Broker of Dayton-Halstead Real Estate.
Diane has created a brokerage within a brokerage with "The Saatchi Team". She is a real estate machine and is considered by many to be the best broker in the Hamptons. Diane is well-connected and always calm and cool in a business where emotions can run amok.
Click here to read about her.

Jack Pearson, formerly of Allan Schneider Associates.
Jack is the quiet, unassuming broker who focuses on his business like a laser-beam. When Corcoran aquired the former Cook Pony Farm in 2004, they wanted their Manhattan agents to refer business to their new Hamptons counterparts. Reportedly, Robby Browne, king of Corcoran Manhattan, would have no part of it. He trusted Jack, and that was that. Well, if you can't beat 'em, BUY 'em. Jack is now part of the family with the recent acquisition of AMS by NRT.
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Gioia DiPaolo, formerly Cook Pony Farm Real Estate. Dare we say that Gioia is the East End's most well-put-together real estate professional. The art-collecting, multi-lingual diva has been the top-selling agent for Cook, now Corcoran, in the Sag Harbor market for six years running. Gioia has loyal clients and customers from all over the globe and truly knows the waterfront properties of the Sag Harbor and North Haven market better than anyone.
See more about Gioia here.

With all the recent organizational changes in the market, I'm sure these three are "feeling the love" from all directions, as agencies scurry to pick up the pieces that get broken during the dismantling of AMS, the house that Allan built.

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