Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's Good for the Zoose...

You've gotta love these Sellsius guys. They call it like it is. Realtors have been hanging their caps on the fact that Realtor.com is the largest, most often visited real estate website in the US, with listings from nearly every MLS in the country.(Not that that helps us here in the Hamptons much, because less than 10% of the total listings in the Hamptons are on the Long Island MLS, therefore Realtor.com. Same issue for Manhattan, but we'll tackle that NYC/Hamptons MLS issue another time.)

So Alan Dalton is the president of Realtor.com and has been running around the country bashing the new-tech guys (zillow, willow, dillow, squillow, trulia, blulia, glulia, etceteria) and fact of the matter is, if Realtor.com met the needs of the consumer, these newbies wouldn't have a chance.

As my dear Irish Grandmother would say when we started to criticize each other at the dinner table: "PUT YER NOSE ON YER OWN PLATE!"

"sellsius° real estate blog" -Top 10 Complaints with Realtor.com

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